• Love Shop loving

    This week I want to talk about a generally taboo topic - Sex. Often given a bad rap, sex, masturbation, sex toys and contraception all get bundled up into a topic most often ignored, maligned and basically chastised - given a bad name. Let's face it everyone wants and typically has sex, masturbates and maybe buys sex toys to help improve orgasms. Let's show some love to the people who help others improve their love lives! - Sex Toys 24/7 Australian Website and, Sex Toys @ Frisky [...]

  • What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say

      I touched on this a bit in the Love Bomb newsletter this week, but I wanted to give a little shout out over here as well. Often, I get emails from our team members after reading a blog post of a Love Bomb recipient saying “I have no idea what to say, but I want him/her to know I’m sorry for what I’m going through.” I always respond and say, “Reread what you wrote to me! You know exactly what to say!” I don’t mean this to be rude or sassy, I mean it as a friend, a second [...]

  • Dropping Love Bombs On Others Without Emotionally Breaking Yourself

    Each week, the Drop a Love Bomb team email box is filled with stories that are so touching, so unbelievable, so raw and real, that I’m often brought to tears. One thing you might not know about me is that I’m emotionally rigid. I’ve always been the “tough one” in my family and try and stay strong in times of need. I believe every man that I’ve dated has also made a comment that I don’t show much emotion. *Grin*. But when you’re faced with story after story with people who are being kicked in the pants by life, it’s [...]

  • New Mission: Love for Chirleen

      This post is coming a little later than it should have! (Blame it on the summer months, and moving one roommate out, and expecting a new one in!) But I wanted to give those of you who subscribe via RSS a chance to take part in this week’s mission: Here are the things you need to know, friends! Our team member, Susannah sent me a nomination back in April, letting me know about Chrileen andthe tragic loss of her son, Caleb. Here’s a snippet from Susannah’s e-mail to me:  “[Chirleen] finally got pregnant [after a bout with infertility] but [...]

  • New Mission: Love For Jenson

    It’s Thursday, and our weekly mission has been chosen. Time for us to work our magic and throw some love at someone who least expects it, but most needs it. This week, we’re going to give some love to Jenson, an adorable 3 year old who is bravely fighting a very rare blood disorder of which he is expected to die from. We got this nomination from our wonderful team member, Anna. She really does explain this story wonderfully: Jenson (who is three) has Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, a rare (1 in 200,000) blood disorder that is treated like cancer.  He [...]

  • The One Where We Get The Band Back Together

    Guys, today we have the extreme honor of hosting The Band on our blog.  Becky and Jana of Band Back Together were our Double Love Bomb partners last week, and this week they’re here talking a little bit more about their organization, what their mission is, and how awesome they are.  Also, in celebration, I’m totally rocking my Band Back Together Tee today. Even though I claimed it was yesterday. Totally today instead. Woo.  A few weeks ago, we at Band Back Together got tangled up in some Twitter chatter with this crazy group called Love Bomb. They were dropping [...]

  • Update: Amanda’s Love Bomb From Yesterday

    Well, team, you’ve done it again. Miss Amanda did get all of our e-mails yesterday. and our comments are shining brightly on her blog. Head on ever to see how she felt about our Love Bomb, and how it helped her through the day. “I came home today to an unusual number of emails. Brow furrowed, wondering if I had invited some kind of spam and would find offers of hair growth, weight loss, male enhancement, and urgent messages that I needed to enter my password for eBay, Paypal, Amazon … and by the way the prince of somewhere wants [...]

  • Updates on our Love Bombed Friends – Grace, Rob, and Liddy

    Happy Monday! I, for one, sometimes have a hard time getting out of bed on a Monday morning sometimes. There are days when I spring out of bed and am very excited to start the day. There are others where I just want to hit *Snooze for 10 hours*. Each Monday, without fail, I head into work a little bit early and go through my reader and check in on the people who we’ve Love Bombed. I like to see how they’re doing, what they’re up to, and how things have been going since we visited them. As much as [...]

  • A Message From Baby Grace’s Family

    Last week, we dropped an amazing Love Bomb on Baby Grace and her family. If you missed it, little Grace is going to be getting open heart surgery today, and we sent lots of love in the form of 210 comments last Thursday. You guys….just rock. Hard. Our Love Bomb didn’t go unnoticed. I mean, how could it? But her family saw all of our comments and posted a Thank You blog post. They said: “Today we are overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of love and prayers we’ve received from all over the world!  Have you ever heard of such a thing as [...]

  • A Thank You from Gregory and Mario

    As members of such a great team, we go into each week of our Love Bomb Missions knowing that we’re about to help someone. Selfless acts of kindness are great, and despite our intentions to brighten people’s days, sometimes we won’t get a ‘thank you’ from the person we’re helping. It may because they don’t know the right words to say, or they feel overwhelmed with the responses that they’ve gotten, or a number of reasons. That doesn’t make our missions any less powerful, and it surely shouldn’t take away the feeling of satisfaction that you get each time you [...]

  • A Thank You From Heidi

    Here’s what you guys did for Heidi, her family, and little Liddy yesterday. Amazing.  A Heartfelt Thank You From Me to You Dear Friends, I know that I have already said thank you for your thought, prayers and comments several times. But I’m really not sure that I can ever thank you enough. Or explain to you what each and every page view, and comment (yes, I have read every single one…all 300+!) has meant to this family. Yesterday was one of the very hardest days of my life. Without a doubt. But every single time that I was able [...]

  • Mission: Brittany – & A Thank You from Lauren

    Note: Last week, Nate surprised me with a Love Bomb. Yes, me. I haven’t had the ability to string words together yet to communicate just how much this meant to me, but please know that it changed my life and my world. I cried all day. I was shocked and amazed by how many people care for me – and I’m getting choked up again just writing this. I wish I could hug each and every one of you and thank you personally. Words don’t cut it. But please know that I am so grateful for each one of you and you [...]

  • Bombing Mission: Handwritten.

    Hey Team! This past weekend I took a 3 day break from all technology (phone, internet, etc). It was so rewarding. I’m a huge fan of social networking, and I absolutely love the way it allows me to meet people and remain connected with friends in ways that just aren’t physically possible. Obviously it’s useful; it makes Love Bomb possible! That being said, this weekend I was able to write a handful of letters to some people I love dearly. I wouldn’t have had the time otherwise. So, this week I thought we’d do an unplugged version of Love Bomb. [...]

  • Mission Results: 243 comments to Jeff

    Hey family! Last week we dropped our Love Bomb on Jeff whose parents died in a car accident on Friday night. We left 243 comments – and I want to thank you (!!!) for awesome amounts of love and support that we were able to show to Jeff. This was his first response before he knew who we were: “An army of strangers has helped me smile for the 1st time since this all began. I have no idea who you are or how we’re connected, but thank you.” After he found out who the Love Bomb team was, he said “thank you from the entire family.” [...]

  • Mission Results: 226 Comments to Nicole

    Two weeks ago we dropped a Love Bomb on Nicole, whose little baby Wrenn has ABCA-3 Surfactant Protein Deficiency and is in unstable condition, waiting for a lung transplant. Nicole’s friend Kirsten just emailed me to let us know that Nicole just made it through all of her 226 comments (she’s been moving Wrenn to St. Louis for medical attention) and posted a thank you here. When we dropped the Love Bomb on Nicole, she was at rock bottom and in lower spirits than she’d ever been. Thanks to your love, encouragement & prayers, both Wrenn and Nicole are so much better! [...]

  • Mission Results: 377 comments to Quinn.

    Last week’s Love Bomb Mission was for Quinn, a girl struggling through Anorexia. This is only some of her thanks: “i don’t have the words to tell you how grateful i am to each and everyone of you who took the time to write a thoughtful and loving comment to me. i’ve never received such kindness in all my life and i can’t really explain how i make me feel except that there are tears in my eyes and each of you, in some small way, have made me feel braver and loved. thank you. thank you from the depths of my [...]