Captain Greg Galeazzi – Lost Both Legs Overseas

by Katie on August 18, 2011 · 0 comments

Well, Happy Thursday! I’m listening to “Lean on Me” right now as I write this. I’m also singing it very loudly.Be glad this isn’t a video mission. Yet. ;)

As much as I look forward to Fridays, I really have grown to adore Thursdays that I get to spend with you guys dropping bombs. This week is no different.

You know, I type. A lot. I’m sure you do too. For this mission, I did a little experimental activity. I encourage you to do it too if you’re interested. If not, just skip the next paragraph to get to the juicy joy-spreading stuff.

if you’re right handed, put your right hand behind your back. For my lefty’s, put the left one back. Then, without using the hand behind your back at all, click “reply” to this e-mail and type something. I did “This is what it feels like to only have one working hand. It’s hard.” After being frustrated by the time I was done typing the second word, I remembered the point: For our Love Bomb recipient this week, this isn’t a game. Typing, eating, showering, and getting dressed with one hand is his reality.

Captain Gregory Galeazzi was severely injured in Afghanistan in an explosion that left his right arm badly damaged, and also caused him to lose both of his legs. Our team member, Vanessa nominated Greg for his courage:

“One of my co-workers’ (John) brother (Greg) was severely injured in Afghanistan right before Memorial Day. His brother lost both of his legs and use of some of his arm. This came at a time where John and Greg would be mourning the death of their sister just a year earlier to stomach cancer. I think their family would appreciate the generosity and encouragement from others.”

Greg has since become an outpatient. However, this doesn’t come without challenges. Recently, Greg’s sister blogged about a visit that she and her kids made to visit Greg. It’s bittersweet; Greg is alive, but so much has changed. We’re going to leave love on Eva’s post – messages for Greg, who has bad days, to keep his head up. Here’s the post, my friends. (

As my own way of relating, and showing support for Greg, I used my left hand to leave the comment on the blog.. Not a requirement of course, but it helped me really realize the severity of his injury.

“Caaaallll me. When you need a friend. Caalllll me…”

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