Jorah – The Diary of a Dying Girl

by Katie on November 17, 2011 · 0 comments

It’s Thursday, and time to do that thing that you do every week that amazes the pants off of me.
This week, we’re showing some extra love to Jorah.
Jorah is no doubt beautiful. She lives in Seattle. She has a beautiful soul and way with words.
Jorah is terminally ill. She acknowledges that she will die soon. In addition… well, let me let Jessica, our Team member who nominated Jorah fill you in on why she needs us this week:
“Jorah is a beautiful writer, raw, hilarious, and heartbreaking. Her readers know she has a terminal illness, though she doesn’t share the details. 

She’s been through some crap lately, not the least of which was getting accidentally pregnant (and knowing that her body will eventually spontaneously abort the baby) and her long-time boyfriend subsequently freaking out and breaking up with her via e-mail.

I know she may not be in the *worst* possible situation compared to other nominations you may get, but I think this is a case where an outpouring of love could help her keep going.”

So, Team. Are you ready to amaze the world again this week on how amazing you all are? Let’s leave some big love on this post:

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