Kirsten is 23 and has Stage 4 Giloblastoma

by Katie on October 13, 2011 · 1 comment

Hi, Team!

This week’s mission is both sad and inspirational.

Kirsten Timble is an intelligent and driven 23 year old. She’s got an optimistic outlook on life and quite the sense of humor.

One evening when spending time with her father, she began stuttering. She describes it as if her brain was stuck on one thought. She learned that she had a mass the size of an Orange in her brain and it was removed. 3 years later a more aggressive mass grew and she had that removed. It was then that she found out that she has Stage 4 Giloblastoma.

She recently began Chemotherapy (just last month), and has been blogging about her battle.

Sad, right? Where’s the inspiration that I promised?

Kirsten was nominated by our Team Member Tom, and he explains her best:

“A friend of mine is 23 and on her 3rd round of getting brain cancer. She survived the first two rounds. She’s been religiously blogging about her experience in a real raw way.”

I read Kirsten post and was truly inspired. Not by what she wrote, but how she wrote it. I even let out a little chuckle. Kirsten’s bravery and strength is admirable, and I’d love to drop some mad love on her. Let’s drop the bomb on this post, where she tells about her current condition and having to shave her head:

You guys in? I hope so.


*PS: Please note that in the e-mail this morning, I spelled her name KRISTEN and it’s KIRSTEN. Total flub on my end! Sorry! :)

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Carolyn Horn October 14, 2011 at 5:33 am

I know Kirsten personally, since I have the honor of being her Grandma. She is without a doubt the bravest young
woman I know. With her inner strength, charming personality, desire and love of life, she will beat this thing. We
don’t doubt that one bit. She is truly a gift from God and an inspiration to anyone who has the pleasure of knowing
her. I am definitely on the Kirsten team.


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