Liddy – Baby Having Open-Heart Surgery Today

by Katie on July 14, 2011 · 0 comments

Hey team, today we’re restarting this project with a very special mission: a little girl who’s having open-heart surgery this very day. Her mom wrote an amazing post a few days ago, which our team member Annie forwarded on. Here’s what Annie had to say:

“I suggest my friend Heidi – her 6 month old, Lydia, will be having open heart surgery this Thursday.  My 5 month old had open heart surgery in June so I can relate to the anxiety and fear that she has going in.  There is nothing scarier in life than handing your baby over to a team of doctors and praying to God that they can repair your child and return them to you.  I know Thursday is a big day for Lydia, but it will also be a long day full of nervousness for Heidi and her husband.”

Let’s lift this family up today and provide them with the love and support of thousands of people around the world. We can help them remember today as a day of incredible joy – what an amazing gift to be able to give! Please join us in leaving a comment for Heidi (the mom) and Liddy (her baby girl) right here:

Also today we will be joined by Lori Deschene and members of the Tiny Buddha community, another group of people who are always willing to come together and lift one another up. Big thanks to them today as well.

Time to drop a Love Bomb, friends!


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