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by Katie on October 6, 2011 · 1 comment




First of all, thank you for the overwhelmingly amazing responses to the death of my dog, Tuck on Tuesday.

Sadly, as we loaded him into the truck to go to the vet to have him put down,  he died right there before we even left the house.It was very, very sad. But I got to keep his collar. I’m still missing him big time, but I know he’s not suffering anymore. All of your words meant the world to me, they truly helped me make it through a difficult day.

Remember how I promised this week’s Love Bomb would be a bit different?

As you know, we typically target folks with blogs. This week, we’re teaming up with Meta House, an organization based out of Wisconsin that aids families who have alcohol and other addictions in their family. My family is jam packed of addiction, and myself being in recovery from my own dark depression made this hit home.

September was Recovery Awareness Month. Yes, it’s now October, but for these folks, every month is recovery month, and everyday is a struggle with recovery. This mission was recommended by our team member Mandi and she says it best:

Meta House, an organization in Milwaukee that works with women and children to treat substance abuse in the family, could use some encouragement. For one, their staff is facing some challenges in case overload as well as instability in critical funding. The morale for the case managers is kind of low as they’ve seen their usual case load of 17 clients move to 25 clients and more. This, of course, likely affects these clients – women who are working hard to change their lives and overcome years of addiction and even more of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. The organization keeps a great positive spin on the work being achieved, but I know words of love and encouragement would go a long way toward bolstering spirits. 

So, to help send messages of hope, instead of on a blog, please click right here to go to a secure Google Document that will allow you to leave a message of encouragement and strength as well as you name and location, which are completely optional.

I’m hoping Mandi comes through with a lot of awesome pictures of our bombing at work.

Come on guys, we can do this! Easy Peasy!

Feel free to share this with your friends on Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / Pinterest / etc. Even an e-mail letting them know we need their kind words for the Care Givers as well as clients.

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Krishnabrodhi October 7, 2011 at 12:34 pm

My condolences. My dog and best bud Bodhi died January of this year and I wear his dog collar around my leg. Every time I hear the jingle of the tag it reminds me of the great times I had with him walking right next to me. <3


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