Love Bomb Update on Jenson + Dealing With The Bad Things In Life

by Katie on May 7, 2012 · 0 comments

I got so many e-mails from you guys expressing how Jenson’s story really touched hearts. Now, I regret not sending a “Tissue Alert” along with the mission.

Regardless of how difficult it was to read about Jenson’s condition, we all banded together and left 120 Comments on the Love Bomb’ed post – and about 50 comments on other posts that Jenson’s Mom has been leaving to update us.



For those of you not hanging out with us on Facebook and Twitter, on Thursday afternoon, we got an update on Sydney, Jenson’s sister and bone marrow donor. She was rushed to the E.R. because there was some suspected swelling in her brain.  Luckily, it wasn’t anything as devastating as first believed. Kristen details the journey over on the blog.

That whole “it really can’t get any worse” saying played in my head. But then I stopped myself and realized that it really can get worse, and often does, without any sign or time for preparation. There have been a ton of instances in which I’ve thought to myself “It won’t get any worse,” and then I’m devestated when it does.

I think the key to handling all of the unexpected things that life throws us is to face the idea of the worst case scenario.

I know. What about “Accentuating the Positive and Eliminating the Negative”?

Focusing on the positive surely helps. I count my blessings that my grandmother and father are still with me at least twice a day. But the thing that has kept me from beating myself and the world up about bad things happening to good people is realizing and accepting that it may get worse, but we all have the strength to endure and overcome. Whether or not you believe you have the strength is neither here nor there. You have it, I know you do. That kind of strength lies buried until we need it – like a little strength savings account that you can only withdrawal from when you truly need it.

It might not be okay right now, but it will be okay, even if it does get a little rocky first.  Just hang in there, be strong, and don’t be afraid to lean on others for help if you need it.


It’s not too late to leave Jenson and Sydney a little bit of love. Just head on over to this post, and leave your support.


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