Love Bomb Update – Ryan

by Katie on May 1, 2012 · 0 comments

Last week, we dropped a Love Bomb on Ryan who has been a time frame of 3-6 months. In this time, his current treatment may work, or the tumor in his brain will grow exponentially and cause death.

I fear the day that I report that Ryan is no longer with us, and we’ve only known him for a little less than a week. Of course, I pray for a miracle to come his way in some shape or fashion, but this got me thinking about my own life – as stories like this tend to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel a connection with all of you, and especially our Love Bomb recipients. I think we all run into particular people that just spark something in us.

What sparked me about Ryan was that he’s accepting the news not as a death sentence, but more-so a life sentence. He’s got a gorgeous wife, and children. He doesn’t know for sure how long he’ll live, but he acknowledges this:

“Three months. Ninety days. That means that every nine days could be a tenth of my life.”

Isn’t that kind of how it is for all of us? Who knows what could happen today or tomorrow? Each day truly is a gift. I hear this all of the time. I yell it to myself on a regular basis to try and get my butt in gear on making my dreams come true. But this Love Bomb kind of whispered to me, and I understood.

165 Comments, you guys. We left 165 little morsels of Love. And throughout the day, Ryan was thought of at least 165 times. Add 10 to that because I thought about him quite a lot that day, and since then too.

While all of the comments were incredible, here are a few random favorites of mine:

“I’ll pray daily that you have the strength needed in this time… and also so that you may be that third miracle. I’ll keep you in my mind.”Moni

“Wow. The open integrity with which you handled that post just absolutely BLEW me away. God bless you Man. Ryan, I don’t know what the “right” thing is to say, so I’ll say I’m praying for that miracle that you and your doctor spoke of. It happens…I know it does. I think this community pulling together for you on your site could do amazing things in that regard.  You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong. 
- Jonathan Ruth

“I have no words that will calm your fears. I have no words to remove your pain. I have only love for you and your family, people I’ve never met but feel a connection with. I’m sending healing thoughts and the hope for a miracle.”Amy

If you still want to drop a comment on Ryan’s blog post, you still can! Here’s a link to the post:


I also love it when the people we bomb SEE that we bombed them:

Of all the teams I could have ended up with, I sure do have the best one!

Enjoy your week, guys!  See you Thursday with another Love Bomb that I’m sure will be incredible.

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