Dropping Love Bombs On Others Without Emotionally Breaking Yourself

by Katie on July 10, 2012 · 0 comments

Each week, the Drop a Love Bomb team email box is filled with stories that are so touching, so unbelievable, so raw and real, that I’m often brought to tears.

One thing you might not know about me is that I’m emotionally rigid. I’ve always been the “tough one” in my family and try and stay strong in times of need. I believe every man that I’ve dated has also made a comment that I don’t show much emotion. *Grin*.

But when you’re faced with story after story with people who are being kicked in the pants by life, it’s hard not to just crumble to the floor and break into a million little pieces.

A not-so-secret, you have the ability to ubsubscribe from our Love Bomb emails at the bottom of each week’s newsletter. Almost 90% of those of our Team who unsubscribe are those who simply cannot handle the deep emotion that these stories tap into.

I always write back that I completely understand, and wish our team members the best of luck. I also throw in there that as far as I’m concerned, they are always a team member.

There is nothing wrong with showing a little bit of emotion. No, crying, remorse, and feeling extremely sorry that people are going through the things that they are doesn’t feel quite good. It’s not a feeling that I chase down and look forward to.

It’s the after effect that I chase.

I know that by sending just one message of inspiration, the person who is going through a tough time can feel so much better.

It’s not about getting lose in your emotions and feeling sorry for the other person. It’s about stepping outside of yourself and realizing the power that you have inside of you.

Love is an extremely powerful emotion. By connecting with this stranger for a few moments, you are giving them hope. And hope is what they need.

When all hope is gone, what’s left?

Puushing through that pain inside of me that aches so much because I just want to take everyone’s pain away is so hard.  There have been days that I want to throw in the towel and say “I can’t do this anymore. It’s too sad.”

It is sad.

But I can do this.

And so can you.

What you’re doing, team, is nothing short of amazing. Every single week, you open my email, you read my ramblings. You race over to the Love Bomb recipient’s blog and you leave hundreds of comments each week.

And they absolutely do help. I cannot tell you how many emails of “Thank Yous” and Blog Posts dedicated to us that I’ve read.

The aching and pain that we feel for the other people out there is our way of taking on some of their pain. That desire of wanting to take their pain away? That’s what that feeling in your stomach is; taking that pain, feeling it, and then taking it a step further by giving some much needed inspiration.

There is so much power in your words, team. Never underestimate how important you are to the people we touch each week.

And never underestimate how important you are to me.

So when you feel overwhelmed with emotion from a Love Bomb Mission, it may be the one where a baby has died, or someone is being bullied, or someone has started cancer treatments. Those moments of pain, those are the things you’re passionate about.  And that’s the passion that we love having on the Love Bomb team.

“I won’t give up, if you don’t give up.”Train

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