Love For Alenka – A Love Bomb and More Love Letters Collab!

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Let's drop a love bomb

New Bombing Mission
Hi Team,

I am so incredibly excited for this week’s Love Bomb. Like I told you on Tuesday, we’re teaming up with the inspiring Hannah and the More Love Letters team to bring a little more love into one courageous woman’s life.
Here’s our girl:
Last year, Alenka was diagnosed with cancer. After five intense months of chemo, her cancer went into remission, only to come back three months later. Her doctors have told her that all there is left to give her is time. Her daughter wrote, “She’s in a very dark place sometimes… hopeful that something can be done and willing to fight but also scared that time with her loved ones is coming to an end.” Alenka’s daughter believes that love letters offering hope and encouragement would do wonders for her mother. 

It’s  the Holidays. Time to spend time with our families. What we sometimes take for granted is that any day can be the last day we see someone. Moreso, we see people in stores moving slowly, or enjoying the sights and we think things like “Hurry Up!” or “I have things to do”, not realizing that it may be their last Christmas, or that they’re spending Christmas alone, or whatever the situation may be. We get so wrapped up (literally!) in our own agendas and schedules and forget that everyone that you encounter is fighting a battle.

We also forget, sometimes how much the power of one person can change the life of another. One person, Hannah, created this More Love Letters project. She passed the story of Alenka on to one more person. I’m writing this to you all. If you tell one person, imagine all of the love Alenka can get. She sure needs it, guys.

Let’s send some love and courage in Alenka’s direction. We’re going to do this the More Love Letters way:

What we’re asking you to do is to write Alenka a little note and send it to the More Love Letters Headquarters within a week from today. On 12/22, Hannah is going to bundle all of our letters and send them to Alenka.

Awesome, right?

Here’s where to send your letters:

More Love Letters, PO Box 2061, North Haven, CT 06473

I can’t think of a better team to be in charge of making Alenka’s holiday a little brighter.

PS: If you’re feeling extra awesome, scan in or take a photo of your letter and e-mail it to me (, tweet me @dropalovebomb, or find us on Facebook and show us your creation.

PPS: Below is some more information about More Love Letters, if you’re interested in reading more about their mission and this project:
What is the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing?

We are creating 12 Love Letter Bundles for 12 individuals (all requested secretly by someone in their life that cares about them) across a 12-day span. From December 5-17, we will highlight an individual in need of some extra encouragement in the form of handwritten notes and encourage people to script a letter and send it to our PO Box to be bundled up and mailed off the person.

What is The World Needs More Love Letters?

The World Needs More Love Letters is a community of “love letter writers” who write and leave letters across the map in hopes that the right people will pick them up. We leave them everywhere: books, coffee shops, coat pockets, trains. Love letter writers document the letter writing and dropping through photographs, blog posts, and social media.

What is a Love Letter Bundle?

Once a month, we take an extra special letter request and we mail it out to our email subscriber list. Those on the list then have 10 days to script a love letter for the individual in need and mail it over to PO Box 2061, North Haven CT 06473. We then bundle up the love letters and mail them over to the unsuspecting recipient with a letter from on top to explain just why they are holding a pile of stationery from strangers in hand.

Helpful Links

The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing:

Join the Love Letter Email Alert List:

The Love Letters Blog:

The Story of The World Needs More Love Letters:

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