Love Shop Loving - Share the love with those who sell adult toys

by Katie on September 5, 2012 · 0 comments


This week we're offering up a little love for those who give out love - most specifically love toys!

While often seen as a taboo topic, the World is a very different place nowadays - we feel it's time to embrace those who setup businesses that seek to help others have more fun - and in this case, fun in the bedroom!

What precisely do I mean? - Well, adult shops, or sex toy shops.

I don't want to be rude, or offensive, but the people who operate these kinds of adult shops, sex shops and adult toy stores are generally very friendly, honest and quick to laugh - they are human just like everyone else, and from the people I know who operate in this industry, are not obscene, or offensive kinky devils - normal people.

There is nothing to be feared in helping promote sex toys or the businesses that sell them. Sexuality and the pleasure and passion that can be gained in having orgasms is proven to offer great health benefits - yes it might sound a bit rude, but this is not the 1900's - we should be more open-minded, honest with ourselves and simply not be so damned judgemental in my humble opinion.

There are lots of myth's about orgasms, and masturbation - reference, Masturbation myth's - Q and A.

So, with that in mind, let's have a shout out to two different shops that sell sex toys in Australia:

Sex Toys 24/7 Australia and, Twitter Twitter SexToys 24/7

Frisky Adult Toy Shop, and their fabulous sex toys buyers toys blog.

We appreciate your help in helping spread the word - The whole existence of life is about having more fun, and sex, masturbation and sex toys are all a part of that.

Enjoy your week, Team!

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