New Mission: Healing Anaya

by Katie on November 26, 2011 · 0 comments

Hi Team!

First of all, I’d like to extend a Happy (late) Thanksgiving to all of you both near and far. I now we ought to give thanks to all of our blessings all year round, but I think it’s a great wake up call to really dig down and realize what we have. I have all of you. and that makes me one lucky girl. So, thanks for all you do.

Secondly, it’s not Thursday! I know! I didn’t forget our mission yesterday, but I was on the road with family, and spending some much needed time with those I love, as I hope you were too. As much as helping people is our #1 goal, it’s also important to spend time with those you love too.

Tonight, though, I’d like to spread some love to a very special Momma who surely had a tough Thanksgiving. Camara had a lovely daughter named Anaya who battle Krabbe Leukodystrophy – a rare and terminal brain disease. While she fought very heard, on November 13th, baby Anaya passed away.
What made me love this story was one of our team members who nominated her. They said:

“Anaya and her mom were touring the county, she lived in canada, trying to raise awareness about prenatal testing.  During this time, there mobile care until for Anay broke down, leaving them in an unfamilir town with unfamiliar people. 

Shortly after all this Anay started to turn downhill. Sadly on November 13, 2011 Anay was called to the lord.”

Okay. Let’s spread some Thanksgiving love to Camara, letting her know we’re thinking of her and her precious Anaya. (

Also, just a note, A Google account is required to leave a message, and the messages are moderated. (I know it’s much better to see those awesome numbers rise!) But I feel that Camara really needs us this week. And at the end of the day…Love is Love.



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