Pam – Just Had Brain Surgery For Parkinson’s Yesterday

by Katie on July 28, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Thursday, Team!

This week’s mission came at a perfect time. Pam suffers from severe Parkinson’s Disease and had invasive Brain Surgery just yesterday. Our team member, Brittany is also a family friend of Pam, and had this to say:

“Pam has been a friend of my family’s ever since I was young. She is a wonderful woman who is dealing with Parkinson’s disease and will be having a surgery called DBS on July 27th it is pretty invasive brain surgery that will allow for more comfort and less shakes in everyday life. She keeps this blog to keep everyone in the loop of what is going on with her emotionally as well as the details of the journey as she goes on. It would be really great to drop a love bomb on her blog right before she has the DBS surgery so that she feels the love and courage she needs to feel in this time.”

As of this very moment, as you’re reading this e-mail, Pam is recovering from what we can only hope was a successful brain surgery. Let’s leave her some words of encouragement as with any surgery, recovery is often very very difficult. Here’s the post we’re going to drop lots of love on:


Just a note, guys:  Pam DOES moderate her messages. So, don’t fret that it doesn’t show up right away. She’s scheduled to be home from the hospital tomorrow, so I’m sure she’ll see her overflowing e-mail then!

Ready? Set? Let’s drop this Love Bomb! Go  team, Go!

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