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So, you’ve had a chance to browse the site, check out some articles and media sources we’ve been featured in, maybe took a look at some past missions, and you want to get some more info on Partnering with Love Bomb?

Awesome. We’re excited. Let’s cover some of the Frequently Asked Questions first:

What does becoming a partner of Love Bomb mean?

Each week, we sent our hundreds of team members on a mission to drop a love bomb. By partnering with our Love Bomb means that we work together and combine our forces using joint powers of  our social media and mailing lists, to drop a whole lot of comments on one unsuspecting blogger.

What do you get out of partnering with Love Bomb?

We’ll be dropping your links in our weekly newsletter, on Twitter, on Facebook, and any and everywhere having to do with the Love Bomb mission.

What do we get out of you partnering with us?

We get to drop even more comments than usual on someone who needs the words of inspiration. Also, we hope that the people you send over to the Love Bomb mission will then sign up to join us on our weekly Love Bomb Missions.

Okay, you’re ready, what next?

YES! Let’s get started. Fill out the contact form below, and let’s really get this partnership going!

Have a question not listed above?

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