Special Bombing Mission! Elizabeth + EpicThanks

by Katie on November 18, 2010 · 0 comments

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Today’s mission is a joint mission, so this means that both the ItStartsWith.Us team and the Love Bomb team are both dropping the Love Bomb!

Before I get started, though, I want to drop in a note from Estrella, an incredible woman who has graciously planned an event to honor Nate in all that he does. I will be heading to Chicago this weekend to join them and others for an EpicThanks dinner(!), and Estrella has a few words and a favor to ask of you to help make the event complete:

“Hey there incredible ItStartWith.Us & Love Bomb team! Have a few minutes to spare for an extra special mission this week? #EpicThanks Chicago is honoring Nate St. Pierre for his – and YOURS – changemaking work with ItStartsWith.Us. Let him know what being involved with ItStartsWith.Us & Love Bomb have brought to your life by dropping a bomb of gratitude on him here: epicthankschicago.eventbrite.com”

Please take a moment to go thank Nate for the countless hours and unrelenting energy he puts into being an incredible servant and leader. It is much owed, and I personally want to ask you to honor a good, good man.

Moving along! The woman we will be dropping a Love Bomb on today is in the final stages of a terminal illness.

She was suggested to us by one of our team members, Shelli. This is what Shelli had to say about Elizabeth:

“Elizabeth is a young woman with a terminal illness (end stage) who has chosen to spend her remaining days working on The Postcard Project. This is where she designs and sends out caring, uplifting postcards to anyone who needs a little pick me up. However, for as many postcards as she sends out, she receives very few replies. It would be wonderful for her to get a Love Bomb, to let her know that people know and care about her.”

Guys, Elizabeth has sent out over FIVE THOUSAND postcards, to people all over the world who need encouragement and love. Five thousand. I have been challenged and moved to tears by this woman’s heart and dedication to making the most of what she has left.

Please, please join me in showering Elizabeth with your comfort, your love, your encouragement – and let her know how inspiring she is. What a woman.

You can comment on her blog, The Postcard Project, here: efmpostcardproject.blogspot.com

Time to drop two Love Bombs, team! Let’s give thanks where it is due.


P.S. If you would like to send a postcard to Elizabeth, please shoot an email to dropalovebomb@gmail.com

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