Special Bombing Mission: Jill – Our Love Drop Recipient

by Katie on July 14, 2011 · 0 comments

Hey team,

I’ve got some crazy exciting news!

This week, we are dropping a Love Bomb on a woman named Jill.

If you haven’t heard yet, we have a new sister project called Love Drop. You can check it out here. Thanks to Love Drop, you can change another life with just one dollar per month. So cool.

Anyway, January is our first month for Love Drop, and Jill is our Love Drop recipient! So, this week we are merging our teams together, in true ItStartsWith.Us fashion, to leave some love and encouragement for Jill and her family.

Jill is a single mom with three kids, who used to have a career in the mortgage industry. Unfortunately, she lost her job suddenly, and with no high school diploma, couldn’t find any work. She lost her home, and Bridge Communities helped her and her kids find a place to live. She’s an unbelievably resilient woman, and got her GED and her Bachelors, and landed a new job.

She just moved into a new place of her own this past year, and 2 months later it burned down, and she lost literally everything. Homeless for the second time, she and her kids moved into another Bridge House last week. Yeah, wow.

I admire and respect Jill for everything she’s been through, and the outrageous amount of work and diligence she’s shown in keeping her head up and providing for her kids as a single mom. Please take a second and join me in commenting your love, support, and encouragement for Jill. She has experienced extreme loss in a way that most of us never will, and community is everything to her.

You can leave a comment for her on our Love Drop blog, featuring Jill, right here! http://www.lovedrop.us/blog/a-little-more-love

Time to drop a Love Bomb, guys!

Thank you so much for changing the world with me, every single week. Much love.


P.S. Jill is located in Chicago. If you are in the area, Love Drop has ways for you to help her out! Go here for more info.

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