The One Where We Get The Band Back Together

by Katie on November 8, 2011 · 0 comments

Guys, today we have the extreme honor of hosting The Band on our blog.  Becky and Jana of Band Back Together were our Double Love Bomb partners last week, and this week they’re here talking a little bit more about their organization, what their mission is, and how awesome they are.  Also, in celebration, I’m totally rocking my Band Back Together Tee today. Even though I claimed it was yesterday. Totally today instead. Woo. 

A few weeks ago, we at Band Back Together got tangled up in some Twitter chatter with this crazy group called Love Bomb. They were dropping bombs on somebody, we were talking about flinging glitter and one thing led to another and yadda yadda yadda… Here we are!

Some of you might have already heard about Band Back Together. Some of you only heard about us last week when we helped drop a Double Love Bomb on Tripp’s mama, Courtney.

Band Back Together is tied with Love Bomb for “The Most Awesome Site on the Internet” obviously. But do you know why?

When Becky Sherrick Harks (you can call her Aunt Becky) delivered her third child, Amelia in 2009 and found out about a previously undiagnosed encephalocele in her beautiful newborn, she felt alone in her suffering. She trudged through surgeries, therapies, doctor visits and more… the whole time feeling that there wasn’t a place for her.

Through her blogging at Mommy Wants Vodka she realized that other people out there felt the same way about their x,y,z or whatever was going on with them. Some had lost babies; some lost fathers. There were people suffering silently with mental illness. There were stigmas associated with talking about these things, especially putting them “out there” on the internet.

She decided there needed to be a place where anyone and everyone could come and share their stories in a safe, moderated, loving environment. That idea has turned into a movement.


{Jana enters stage right}:


In 2003, my son was born happy and healthy. We took him home, loved on him, played with him, dreamed dreams of his future. Yet 24 days later my husband and I would remove him from life support after a horrible bacteria called Group B Strep invaded his body and took him from us.

I took to the internet and found some groups of women who had been through the same pain. I surrounded myself with them. I knew how comforting sharing could be and how healing the process of putting your story out there could be.

Then I came to love Facebook, Twitter and every other social networking site in the world. (No MySpace, though. I NEVER had one of those accounts.) Oh, and blogging. Can’t forget that!

One day, @mommywantsvodka (aka Becky) put out a call for stories for her new group site. Naturally, I raised my hand, er, tweeted back at her! The rest, as they say, is history.

I’ve been with Becky working with Band Back Together since before its official launch on September 10, 2010. We’ve seen it grow in ways we never in a million ways could have dreamed about.

But what do we do?

Well, we provide a safe and moderated environment for people to share their stories. Everybody has a story. Yours may be of abuse. Hers may be of rape or abortion. One of your friends may have a story of loss or heartbreak. Others are suffering from depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

 The stories posted are real. They’re yours.

We get really excited about new things we find, like Love Bomb and we want you to be excited about Band Back Together.

Come join us! We’re at, on Twitter, Facebook and even Tumblr.

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