Update: Amanda’s Love Bomb From Yesterday

by Katie on October 28, 2011 · 0 comments

Well, team, you’ve done it again.

Miss Amanda did get all of our e-mails yesterday. and our comments are shining brightly on her blog. Head on ever to see how she felt about our Love Bomb, and how it helped her through the day.

“I came home today to an unusual number of emails. Brow furrowed, wondering if I had invited some kind of spam and would find offers of hair growth, weight loss, male enhancement, and urgent messages that I needed to enter my password for eBay, Paypal, Amazon … and by the way the prince of somewhere wants to give you money for nothing …

Not even close. What I found were over 100 comments on my most recent blog about losing Lil Bit and the summer fires raging in places dear to me. Thank you.”


Days like today make me play this song over and over:

Keep strong, Amanda. Anything is possible. 

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