Updates on our Love Bombed Friends – Grace, Rob, and Liddy

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Happy Monday!

I, for one, sometimes have a hard time getting out of bed on a Monday morning sometimes. There are days when I spring out of bed and am very excited to start the day. There are others where I just want to hit *Snooze for 10 hours*.

Each Monday, without fail, I head into work a little bit early and go through my reader and check in on the people who we’ve Love Bombed. I like to see how they’re doing, what they’re up to, and how things have been going since we visited them. As much as I’d like to report that a Love Bomb makes all of their problems instantly better, that’s not the case. But, you can’t deny that it gives them even a few moments of happiness. That makes it worth it.

I wanted to share with you a few updates and links on how some of our recent Love Bombed friends are making out. Maybe as a little reminder to myself that things could always be worse, things can and do get better, and no pain is ever permanent.

My Zen thought of the day is: “Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional”

1. Baby Grace

We dropped lots of love on Baby Grace who was going through open heart surgery back in August. I’ve kept up with the family’s blog: Tales from Graceland, and I’m happy to report that Miss Grace is hanging tough. She was having some Spasms and face ticks right after her surgery, but all tests are coming back negative. Whew! Just check out this adorable photo. I admit, I whip this one out when I’m having a tough day:
















Adorable, right?

2. Rob Hale

A week before taking the next step into Rob’s professional career, he had a stroke. Rob is a young husband and father and this flipped his world upside down. The day after our Love Bomb, his wife, who blogs every single day on Rob’s condition and how he’s doing said this:

“And thank you for theĀ LoveBomb. It made my day and you are all amazing. Thank you for your inspiring comment, thought, and prayers. What a great community of good people. Thank you!”

Makes me feel all warm inside.

As of yesterday, Rob is pushing along in Physical Therapy. Mercedi, his wife mentioned that they’re working on cooking things, which we take for granted. Short term memory for Rob has been challenging, so reading directions, then remembering them long enough to preform them can be a challenge. But he’s certainly hanging in there and is committed to his recovery. Such a beautiful family. And the love and dedication Mercedi has for Rob is amazing. Love it. Here’s her most recent post, and she posts just about every single day.


3. Baby Liddy

This was one of my first Love Bombs that I participated in once I took on as your guys’ biggest fan and humble Team Leader. Liddy went through Open Heart surgery the same day of our Love Bomb. Her momma, Heidi, was more than moved (success!) and has been more than a faithful member of the team since.

Can you believe little Liddy is already 9 months old? Look at this face:











Even with the odds stacked against little Liddy, she fought her way through surgery and is doing well. Of course there will be some bad days, but those bad days are followed by amazing moments. Still praying for Miss Liddy, and can’t wait to see the beautiful little lady she’ll become. (here’s Heidi’s blog where she keeps us all updated on Liddy with even more adorable photos. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this post, where Heidi talks about just some of the things she loves (and I do too!) about Liddy.


Those are the updates for this week. I’m going to try and do this at least once a month for you guys, so you know what’s going on with our little Love Bomb recipients.

Have a great day.

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