What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say

by Katie on August 28, 2012 · 0 comments


I touched on this a bit in the Love Bomb newsletter this week, but I wanted to give a little shout out over here as well.

Often, I get emails from our team members after reading a blog post of a Love Bomb recipient saying “I have no idea what to say, but I want him/her to know I’m sorry for what I’m going through.”

I always respond and say, “Reread what you wrote to me! You know exactly what to say!”

I don’t mean this to be rude or sassy, I mean it as a friend, a second set of ears (eyes?) telling you that what you want to say is okay. If it’s from the heart, and you truly mean the sentiments, I assure you that the message will speak volumes. A simple “I’m here for you, and I mean that.” goes so so far.

Even though your comment is one of hundreds, yours hold just as much importance. Your honesty and compassion will come out in your comments. I read your comments every single week, and I love the quick responses just as much as the long, in depth ones. I love them all because they come from YOU. And I love when you take the time and share parts of you. It’s beautiful, and I love each of you for your bravery.

We have a hard job each week, team. We read emotionally crippling stories, and though we’re moved sometimes to tears, we need to be the light at the end of the tunnel for these Love Bomb Recipients. It’s hard, it hurts sometimes, but can I tell you something?


When people ask you what you do, I hope you say that sentence above and believe and mean it. And I hope when you doubt yourself or what you have to say, you realize that that’s just your inner Negative Nellie trying to get you to avoid a little twinge of pain and emotional connection to our stories.

Something that helps me is to imagine that emotional storm I often feel is my way of taking a little bit of the pain and suffering away from our Love Bomb recipient. Even for a moment. When I make that connection, I let my words and heart leave the comment. Long or short, in depth or 3 words, personal or general, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Because you guys are brave, incredible, and my heroes. 

So, when you don’t know what to say? Let your heart guide you. You might need to give it a minute to process the blog post and get its feelings together. It’s okay to give it an hour. Process however you need to.

But be sure to go back and comment. Because your comment matters. It’s your comments that are the light at the end of the tunnel. The love can be felt through those comments, and you deserve to share the love you have just as much as those we are dropping a love bomb on deserves to get it.

Okay? Okay! We’re all in this together.

Enjoy your week, Team!

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